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[Sticky] Welcome to the Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Classifieds & Forum

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Hello and Welcome to the all-new Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Classifieds & Forum.. I look forward to interacting with you and discussing all things about Drones & UAV's in general. This is where you should introduce yourself to everyone on the forum. So, tell us about you.

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I just joined the forum and hope be able to discuss, gain and share info on the latest electronics and fight controls for UAV's.

Some background... I have been messing around for the last year trying to design a very light weight untraditional multirotor... quad and/or stacked quad, depending on thrust needed. The construction technics and materials, etc. are a bit unorthodox but my preliminary work shows that it will give me what I am trying for.

I have CAD all the pieces needed, cut a set on the CNC, adjusted the shape, etc. as needed and cut the new set.

My expertise is in the design and construction and not in the needed power systems, flight controls, auto pilot, programing, etc. It is these areas that I hope to gain knowledge in.

I purchased a T motor U7 V2 motor, 16x5.4 prop and an 80A flame esc.  so will be designing for 4 0r 8 of these... one or two at each corner.

I also have a Futaba 10J S.BUS 2 , T-FHSS TX.  that I would like to use.   

I look forward to discussing things with you all. 🙂